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Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Best Time to Visit Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the most famous European cities that people visit year after year, and it offers a wide range of exhilarating experiences that tourists would kill for. However, Amsterdam is subject to varying weather conditions, and most people are unaware of the best time of the year to visit this marvelous city, which leads to travelling blunders and their disastrous outcome.

The "In-Season" in Amsterdam

From mid-April, all the way to mid-October, are the peak months for tourists since the weather is best during this time of the year. The climate of this region is a bit on the extreme side almost the entire year, so there’s no running from the cold. But what you could do is prepare to visit the city during the tourist peak seasons to enjoy the place to its complete potential. If you are a traveler who craves off-season visits, Amsterdam will remain every as bit as attractive and compelling. A good thing about traveling off-season is all the money that you can save, since all restaurants, hotels and even museums increase their charges during the holidays. Europe can be very specifically extravagant, and you could end up spending more cash than you had planned, so it’s better to opt for empty cheap hotels than crowded expensive ones. Off-season months still witness some amazing yearly events, and the life of Amsterdam doesn’t slow down at all after the holidays are over, rather, it becomes a little more personal and quaint. If you have a thing for natural life of the area, let’s say, the very famous bulb fields near Amsterdam, you can only catch them bursting with color from April to the mid of May.


During summer time in Amsterdam, the temperatures never rise above 75°F or 26°C, which makes for a very balmy and pleasant atmosphere. Let’s imagine the in-line skating rink at VondelPark is one of the experiences that you’ve planned to try; the best time to visit would be the late summers since the weather conditions are favorable during July and August to a good extent. You shouldn’t be surprised to witness A LOT of rain, since the mean precipitation levels can often be held responsible for the extreme weather conditions. If you are visiting during the winters, always remember to pack some warm clothes because they may be your only chance of surviving the chills. Amsterdam and Holland are both situated below sea level, which would explain the excessive mist, fog and dampness around the whole region. However, even through the tough winters, you can enjoy a few bright sunny days (with chills still cutting through your bones) after winter showers wash the city clean for a day or two.

Best Time to Visit Amsterdam 

Truth be told, there is no bad time to visit this historical and beautifully preserved city, and it is highly capable of simulating your brain cells to generate absolute euphoria all year-round. If travelling to Amsterdam has been on your list for a while, it’s time to check the box.


Typical bridge in Amsterdam
Typical bridge in Amsterdam

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