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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Enjoy Your Time with Rome’s Special Events

Romans are fun-seekers round the year. The locals can always find reasons to celebrate so that they can indulge in feasts and merriment. However, as the city is quite lively throughout the night and day, every day seems like a festival to the tourists who come to Rome. But the real festivals are those in which the entire city shuts down on important religious holidays. From costume parades to calorific blowouts, every district of Rome celebrates these special events in groups that march out of their homes to make the most of the occasion. It is difficult to name just a few events that are more important. However, some of Rome’s special events include:

The White Night

In the first or second week of September, a big event takes place in Rome called the White Night. This event dates back to history in 1984 when Jean Blaise founded a research centre for cultural development in Europe. Since then, Europe adopted this festival of opening art galleries and museums overnight on one day every year. Many activities like fireworks and the scarlet sail tradition are to be enjoyed at this festival. In the Scarlet Sail tradition, ships with scarlet red sails are set out to sea to deliver a message of celebration in Rome. The entire city participates in the event and all shops, galleries, museums and clubs are teeming with people, joyously celebrating all night long. Poetry, music, circus arts, theatre, dance, and exhibitions turn the entire city into a carnival. There is also a special dance performed by mystic saints, whirling in their connection to the Universe on wide terraces. The dance takes place continuously until the dawn spreads its rosy light on the city.

New Year’s Eve

The beginning and ending of the year is the best time to visit Rome, because the grandest festivities are seen on New Year’s Eve. Huge colorful fireworks displays mark the coming of the New Year at midnight. The whole night is filled with cracker blasts, fireworks, and sparklers; whether you take part in private parties at homes or huge public gatherings in the central squares. The smaller surrounding towns are not far behind on this day of celebration. They build bonfires in one of the central squares and all the townsfolk congregate at the time of dawn. If you stay near the coast in Rome, you will even hear ships and boats blowing their horns to participate in the festivities. Outdoor concerts with rock and pop bands are also organized throughout the city.

Easter in Rome

The two weeks of Easter are one of the busiest times of the year when the whole city unites to send prayers and follow the traditions of the event. Pilgrims in tens of thousands gather to mark the most important event in the Catholic calendar. Catholics from Rome march to the Vatican City to hear the Pope giving a sermon on Easter Sunday and to receive his blessings.
Where tradition, religion, culture, and fun are concerned, Romans win the hearts of many people by celebrating events in the perfect way.

Rome - The Vatican

Rome Colosseum

Rome Palatine Forum

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