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Monday, August 29, 2016

Tips for getting your horse on holiday

Horse trailers are being used in their modern form since 1918 as horse owners felt the need to transport their horses safely to racing venues. The growth in popularity of trailers has however brought about several design modifications, integrating customized fittings both for fancy and increased functionalities. The investment in a horse trailer is so much like buying any other vehicle and you know that it will start losing its value from the first run. If you are planning to buy used horse trailers for sale, there are several things you will need to take note of.


Budget is among the prime considerations when investing in a used horse trailer. The amount of money you are ready to spend will help narrow down the choices to a great extent. If you have a good budget, you can go for trailers with all kinds of modern add-ons like interior lighting, dressing room and padded dividers among other things. However, if you have a budget restriction, look out for trailers that are structurally strong. You might want to go for a 2 horse gooseneck trailer against gooseneck ones.

The size

Now, this should be easy. The size will always depend on the maximum number of animal you are looking to carry at any time. The basic trailers are meant to carry two horses while large ones can accommodate six animals.

The frequency of your usage

It is necessary to know how frequently you will be putting the horse trailer to use. If you are planning trips every other weekend, you might want to go for a new trailer or a used one that still has its warranties intact. Also, the more you will use the trailer, the more will be the requirement of additional storage spaces.

Which towing vehicle are you going to use?

Different trailers come with different hitching mechanisms. Ensure that your hitch is compatible with the trailer. The mechanism will be different for goosenecks, bumper pull and 5 th wheel ones. The weight of the total load (after putting in the animals) will also be a matter to consider here. It is recommended that you tow only 2/3 rd of the tow capacity at any time.

The condition of the trailer

Of course, used trailers will not be all shiny but it needs to be structurally sound. The condition of a trailer will depend on how well maintained it was and not the years it has been put to use. It will be helpful if you have a specialist mechanic to look at the condition of the trailer before you pay.

The needs of your horses

Horses don’t naturally like being confined to a trailer. However, a well lit, well ventilated and a large space will put the animals more at ease than a small space.

It will also be helpful if you are allowed a test run of the used trailer with your horses inside before you actually pay the money for it. Whatever you do, put the safety and needs of the horses in the forefront.

Horse trailer

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