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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Xitang Water Town, China

Although many people never heard of Xitang, this scenic Chinese town is famous for its beauty and is frequently depicted in both old and new Chinese landscape paintings.
The town is situated in the Zhejiang Province at the confluence of nine rivers. The canals and river branches serve as main transportation routes in the town and major areas of the town are connected by old Chinese stone bridges.
Xitang is situated just 90km away from Shanghai so travellers that want to visit will have easy access to the picturesque water town.
If you want to spend a couple of nights in Xitang you can even sleep in old traditional houses from the Ming or the Qing Dynasty.

Night scene in Xitang, China 

River and houses in Xitang 

Xitang traditional Chinese boats 

The canals of Xitang, China

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