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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Gelmersee lake, Switzerland

Gelmersee lake is an artificial reservoir for a hydroelectric power-plant in the  Bernese Oberland, Switzerland.
This amazing landscape is accessible from the Hasli valley by taking  the steepest funicular in Europe with a slope of 106%. You can imagine that's indeed an interesting ride...
There is of course a hiking trail to the lake, it takes about 2 hours to get there and it's somewhat accessible to inexperienced hikers. The most dangerous places are secured by ropes and it is best to avoid this path in the spring when snow-melt streams can block the way.
The dam, constructed in 1929 creates an amazing view in the Swiss Alps. The high mountain cliffs are reflected in the lovely blue water of the artificial lake creating a wonderful fairy-tale landscape.

Gelmersee lake, Switzerland

The Gelmersee furnicular view

The Gelmer dam that forms the lake 

Gelmersee waterfall and the Alps


  1. Switzerland is amazing place and has plenty of natural beauty. Mountain and lake view can make your holiday trip more enjoyable. Gelmersee lake looks so clear in your pictures. Thanks for exploring this place in your post.