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Venice, Los Angeles

Venice is a beachfront neighborhood on the Westside of Los Angeles, California, United States. It is known for its canals, beaches and circus-like Ocean Front Walk, a two-and-a-half-mile pedestrian-only promenade...

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Eating Out in Munich

If you’re visiting Munich, you will definitely keep busy sampling the amazing culinary options available and the freshly made beer barrels available at any of the beautiful beer gardens the city is famous for. Here are some of the best local restaurants you must visit when in Munich.

A 250-year-old house which has been restored and made into a restaurant.It is popular with people meeting up for business meetings, lunches, coffee, and fresh beer, right from the tap. There’s a baroque ballroom on top floor of the building, non-smoking rooms and one with a fire-place too. These rooms are sometimes rented for parties. There’s a garden as well with 250 seats and almost 300-year-old trees. Authentic Bavarian cuisine is the specialty of the house.

Nürnberger Bratwurst Glöckl
The Nürnberger Bratwurst Glöckl opened more than 115 years ago, right beside the Cathedral. The speciality of this restaurant is the grilled sausages that are freshly made every day by the restaurant’s own butcher and grilled on an open fire grill.
Augustiner beer fresh from the barrel, chilled with ice, along with the grilled sausages, traditionally served with fresh horseradish and sauerkraut, is an amazing experience. Cinnamon sprinkled Sweet Apple Flan with Vanilla Ice Cream is also one of their must-have delicacies. There are multiple, rustic themed rooms ranging from 22 to 115 guests. And due to its proximity to the Cathedral, all the historical events and festivities can be experienced from there.

Gasthof Obermaier
In the centre of the Trudering district, a traditional Bavarian restaurant in a historical building,family owned since 1863, with an addition of a beautiful garden, makes dining at Gasthof Obermaier a treat.
The restaurant has an in-house butchery which features a variety of Bavarian delicacies, however, the it has a dedicated international menu as well. The menu keeps changing throughout the year, seasonal specialties and 100% gluten free cuisines are also featured.
The Beer Garden has seating space for over 300 guests. There’s a playground for children too, making it an ideal eating spot for the whole family. There are various dining halls and rooms for conferences and meetings, which can be rented out.

On the banks of the lake in the East Park, there’s a captivating open restaurant, Michaeligarten. It has a sun terrace, beautiful rustic halls, and an excellent menu that features both Bavarian and international cuisines. Its offers a perfect combination of traditional and modern foods.
There’s a garden by the lake, which can be booked for dinner parties, wedding ceremonies, business lunches and more. There are themed events and weeks throughout the year, a romantic candle-light dinner on the Valentine’s Day, for example.

Good native food is a very important part of the journey to make your trip memorable, but the place you will be staying at is also very important. You can look for Luxury Munich apartments for vacation and find a home or apartment with a kitchen of your own to recreate the fantastic local cuisine you experience on your dream vacation to Munich.

Frauenkirche, Munich

Munich Isar River

Monday, September 28, 2015

Making Your Stay at the Garment District Special

Located in the busy hub of Midtown Manhattan,The Garment District is often hailed as the “fashion district” of the city. The area is home to a number of major fashion labels, stores, designers, warehouses, and showrooms, and if you are searching for the best options in fashion, this neighborhood caters to all your garment needs, from the design to the production of your dress.

In the 18th Century, local textile companies here manufactured clothes specifically designed for plantation slaves, and the industry has been flourishing since. Towards the later part of the 19th century, these companies took to making casual  attire business and produced garments for the entire nation. Entering the 20th Century, New York had already made its mark in the industry, establishing the hottest fashion trends across the globe..

Now, the Garment District is not just a manufacturing hub; rather, it is popular as a business and creative centre for the fashion world. Wholesale bargaining and design selections are commonly seen in this neighborhood, and renowned designers such as Donna Karan, Valentino, Calvin Klein, Oscar De la Renta, and a number of other notable names  have a presence with nearly 1,000 leading outlets and distributors having offices in the garment district .

 For fashionistas, a stay at the Garment District is no less than a dream come true, and why wouldn’t it be? You get to shop for the best clothes and fill up your bags with the best of the worlds fashion! Let’s take a look at what else you’ll get to experience at the Garment District, making for a trip you won’t forget anytime soon.

Grand Fashion Events

The phenomenon of ‘fashion week’ first originated in New York City, the veritable center of everything hot and happening. During World War II, the first ever fashion week event was organized here, an exhibition of the works of leading fashion designers at that time. At present, the city’s leading fashion week is the “Mercedes Benz Fashion Week”. A tradition that started half a century ago stays strong, with two fashion events being held here annually. The first is held with the turn of the season in Winter showcasing fall-winter collections. The second event is held in the autumn season, which displays the collections of spring-summer.

Excellent Quality Fabrics

In the Garment District, as the name suggests, fabric is the main attraction. The options available on display at the nigh countless shops here can make even the most seasoned of fashionistas dizzy. The fabrics come from all around the world – ribbons, laces, buttons, and other beautiful and elegant embellishments all available in unique varieties – and you will feel as though you have hit upon a fashion treasure trove! Fabrics here are available in different colors, materials, shapes, coming in a range of different prices to match the budget of most tourists.

Dining Options

The cafes, restaurants, and pubs here will satisfy your dietary cravings. In the middle of your shopping spree, you can sit down to relax for some time and rejuvenate yourself with some tasty juices from the cafes. While walking down the streets, you will come across an assortment of different restaurants, each with a diverse variety of ethnic and international cuisines.

Garment Worker statue

Midtown Manhattan